Cheap parking Brussels Airport

You have plenty of options in terms of cheap parking at Brussels Airport. The airport itself offers a number of options, but cheaper alternatives are available nearby. Below we assume a parking duration of one week. If you park longer, it becomes comparatively cheaper.

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Brussels Airport offers three long-term parking lots some distance from the airport. Prices start from about €60 for a week’s parking. However, it can be quite a bit cheaper.

Cheap Parking Brussels Airport

The easiest way to search for a parking spot is with parking comparator Vliegen en Parkeren. It compares all parking providers and shows you a overview with prices and facilities. Because the providers compete directly with each other, it’s almost always cheaper through this website than with the provider itself. We found parking through this site for as little as €35 per week.

Cheap parking Brussels Airport

Sleep, Park & Fly

Given the hefty rates for parking around Brussels airport , it’s definitely worth looking into a Park, Sleep & Fly package. At the Van der Valk Hotel Brussels , for example, you have them for as little as €104. This includes two weeks of parking.

Park Sleep Fly Brussels Airport

Free Parking Brussels Airport

There are also opportunities to park your car for free. Brussels has seven Transit parking lots where you can park your car for free and then continue traveling by public transportation. Check the Belgian Rail website to look up your trip from the parking lot to the airport. Below is an example:

P+R Roodebeek St Lambrechts Brussels
This P+R next to the metro station is reasonably close to the airport compared to the other options and can accommodate 172 cars. From here you will travel to the airport in about 40 minutes. Find more information at Belgian Rail.

Example bus trip from P+R to airport
Example bus trip from P+R to airport

Note! These parking spaces fill up quickly and parking here does carry some risk compared to paid parking. If you want to be sure of a spot, as well as the safety of your car, you better look for a cheap paid spot.

Short term parking

Short-term parking at Brussels Airport for dropping off and picking up passengers is available in one of three parking garages. You are allowed 15 minutes of free parking in parking garages P1, P2 and P3. After these 15 minutes, it costs 2 euros per half hour. The free Kiss & Fly area near the departure hall is no longer accessible.

Frequently asked questions about parking at Brussels Airport

Where is the cheapest place to park at Brussels Airport?

Currently, you park cheapest at the Holiday Inn parking lot. Here you can park for as little as €41 for one week. If you park longer it becomes cheaper. Check the link in our blog.

Where is the best place to park at Brussels Airport?

If you are simply looking for the best parking space closest to the departure hall, park at P1 Front of Brussels Airport itself. Because of its location, this does make it the most expensive option. 

Can I also use Sleep, Park and Fly at Brussels Airport?

The Van Der Valk hotel offers a Park, Sleep and Fly package. You already have a package for €104 including two weeks of parking.

Can I park for free at Brussels Airport?

Brussels has seven Transit parking lots where you can park your car for free. From here you can continue your journey to the airport by public transportation. Parking here for a long time does involve some risks.

How much does it cost to park your car at Brussels Airport?

If you use Brussels Airport’s own parking facilities, you have a parking space starting at €60 per week. There are other providers around the airport. Here you can find a parking space starting at €41 per week.

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