Cheap parking Düsseldorf Airport (even FREE options!)

There are many options for cheap parking at Düsseldorf Airport. Below we explain the different parking options at the airport and show a selection of the best and cheapest options. The prices mentioned are based on parking for one week. The longer you park, the lower the daily prices will be.

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Parking at the airport itself – From €8 p/d

Düsseldrof Airporthas it’s own parkings, but it is not very cheap. There are several options, of which parking in car park P24 is the cheapest. You pay €8 per day there. From here you need to walk 15 minutes to the airport. If you want to park closer or in a covered spot, it will cost you almost €10 per day. That can be done better and cheaper.

Cheaper parking – From €4 p/d

Cheap parking at Düsseldorf Airport is easier than you think. There are many providers around the airport that offer much more competitive prices than the airport itself. Each has its own advantages. Below a selection:

Cheapest option

RelaxPark is the cheapest option. You can park here from €28 per week.

Cheapest valet parking option

Deluxe Valet Parking offers valet parking at a very competitive price if you book early, starting from €36 per week. You simply hand over your car at the terminal and it will be ready for you when you return.

Cheapest covered parking space

Park & Fly Düsseldorf is the most economical option if you would like your car to be parked under cover during your trip. You can park here from €49 p/w.

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In addition to the above providers, there are many more affordable parking spaces near Düsseldorf Airport. You can easily compare these with the Vliegen & Parkeren parking comparator. Because the various providers compete directly with each other here, it´s always cheaper than booking directly with the provider itself.


In addition to the price comparison, you will also find experiences per provider from people who have previously parked at Düsseldorf Airport art Parkos. You can also filter according to your specific wishes. For example whether or not to hand over your key, whether the car is covered or outside and whether you want to use a shuttle or prefer valet parking.

Park, Sleep & Fly 

There are a number of hotels around Düsseldorf Airport that offer long-term parking in combination with an overnight stay. A nice alternative for cheap parking Düsseldorf Airport. Such an arrangement is also known as Park, Sleep & Fly. In addition to the overnight stay in the hotel, these almost always consist of a parking space during your trip and a transfer to the airport.

The German Parken und Fliegen has the biggest range of hotels on offer. Here you can choose from about ten hotels and you can book a Park, Sleep & Fly package including 15 days of parking for only €79.

Examples prices Park Sleep Fly Düsseldorf
Example prices Park Sleep Fly Düsseldorf

Short term parking

You can stop in front of the terminal to drop off or pick up passengers and unload luggage. If you need a little more time, park in car park P11. If you expect to stay longer than half an hour, it is cheaper to use P1, P2 or P3. You cannot stop in front of the terminal and you will be directed to P12, but if you are there for more than half an hour, it is cheaper to take P1, P2 or P3.

Free parking

Is cheap parking Düsseldorf Airport not yet cheap enough? Due to the excellent accessibility of Düsseldorf, there are also options for free parking. In the area you will find a number of P+R (Park-and-ride) areas where you can park for free.

Since 2009 it has been mandatory in Düsseldorf to have an environmental sticker within certain  zones if you are by car. Pay attention, because many of these P+R areas fall within this zone. If you park your car there without a sticker, you risk a fine. Fortunately, there are also possibilities outside this zone. Below are three examples of P+R areas where you can park for free and do not need a sticker.

Click on the name of the P+R site for the location in Google Maps. From these parking areas, continue your journey by public transport. View your journey from the P+R on the Deutsche Bahn website. Please note that these parking spaces can also be full, especially during busy periods.

P+R  Angermund
Parking at S-Bahn  Angermund station. From here you can travel in three minutes to the airport by train.   Travelling from the parking lot  to the airport  will cost you approximately   €2.

P+R  Ratingen Ost
Parking lot at S-Bahn station Ratingen Ost. From here take bus 759 to the airport. From the parking lot  to the airport  travel will cost you about €3 and it will take you 23 minutes.

P+R Wittlaer
P+R [wpml_nbsp] Wittlaer Car park at Wittlaer U tram station. From here  you can take bus 760 to the airport in just under 45 minutes. Estimated price €5.

Parking in the neighborhood

Of course it is also possible to park in the outskirts of Düsseldorf or surrounding cities and travel from there to the airport by public transport. However, the residents are generally not very happy about that. The P+R is therefore the best option if you want to park for free. Although the P+R parking spaces are generally regarded as safe, the safest option remains cheap paid parking. A car with a Dutch license plate always stands out, especially if it’s been there for a while. And as you have seen, cheap parking Düsseldorf Airport is quite possible.


Frequently asked questions about parking at Düsseldorf Airport


Best place to park at Düsseldorf Airport?

The best place to park at Düsseldorf Airport is P1. You park directly below the terminal en get access to the lounge. A cheaper option is parking lot P23. P23 is €75 and P1 is €190 for one week of parking.

How much does it cost to park at Düsseldorf Airport?

Parking at Düsseldorf Airport is possible from €28 for a week with one of the companies around the airport. Parking lots of the airport itself start at €50 a weekbut it’s a 15 minutes walk to the airport.

Where is the cheapest place to park at Düsseldorf Airport?

At the moment the cheapest parking is RelaxPark. You can park here from €4 a day when you park for a week and book through the comparator.

Do I need to reserve a parking place at Düsseldorf Airport?

You don’t have to reserve a place, but it’s recommended. You pay up to 60% more when you park without booking in advance.

Can you park for free around Düsseldorf Airport?

Free parking around Düsseldorf Airport is possible at one of the P+R (Park & Ride) parking lots of the city. For example P+R Angermund, P+R Ratingen Ost of P+R Wittlaer. These three are also outside of the environmental zone, so you don’t need the special environmental sticker.

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