Cheap parking Rotterdam Airport

For cheap parking at Rotterdam Airport, also known as Zestienhoven, you have several options. We put them side by side and compared distances and costs. In the examples below, we assume one week of parking. The longer you park, the lower the daily prices will be.

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Parking at Rotterdam Airport itself

Rotterdam Airport offer a number of options for parking themselves. Unfortunately the cheapest are quite far from the airport.

Name Distance Price
 P5 Basic 10 minutes walk From €81,00
P4 Lang parkeren 8 minutes walk From €97,50
P3 Lang Parkeren 7 minutes walk From €102,50
P2 Comfort Parkeren 3 minutes walk From €119,50
P1 Business Parkeren 1 minute walk From €140,50

Cheap parking Rotterdam Airport

Fortunately there are more parking providers around the airport of Rotterdam. You can compare these easily with the parking comparator of Vliegen en Parkeren. Pretty much all options you can find here include a free shuttle to and from the airport or are valet.

For example at the moment the cheapest is €85 for a week of parking, including the shuttle van that takes you to the airport in 5 minutes.

Parking Rotterdam Airport with free shuttle
Parking Rotterdam Airport with free shuttle

Park, Sleep & Fly 

A Park, Sleep & Fly package can be very interesting if you are going to park for more than a week, just want to get on the plane well rested or when you have an early flight to catch. Such a package usually includes hotel accommodation, transfer to the airport and parking for the duration of your trip.

There are some hotels near Rotterdam that offer this. The nearest option is the Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Wings-Rotterdam, right next to the terminal. You already have an overnight stay here for two people incl. 15 days of parking for €180.

Short term parking

If you just want to pick up or drop someone off, you can use Rotterdam Airport’s Kiss & Ride. If you want to have longer time to say goodbye or welcome someone, park your car in one of the parking lots. P1 is the closest to the terminal.

Free parking around Rotterdam Airport

Free parking near Rotterdam Airport is possible on one of the P+R parking lots of the city. Make sure it’s one where you can park for an unlimited time. A few examples:

P+R Melanchtonweg
P+R Beverwaard
P+R Pernis
P+R Nesselande

From these you can travel onwards with public transport. Keep in mind that these parking lots can fill up quickly.

Another option is to park somewhere in a suburb of Rotterdam, such as Overschie, and travel by bus 33 to the airport. Locals, however, do not always appreciate this which carries a small risk. And while these P+R are generally considered safe, cheap paid parking is the safest option. Check the prices below.

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Frequently asked questions about parking Rotterdam Airport

Where is the cheapest place to park at Rotterdam Airport?

Rotterdam Airport’s P5 is the cheapest option for long term parking. A week of parking is €82. Note that this parking lot is a 10 minutes walk away from the airport.

Where is the best place to park at Rotterdam Airport?

Park your car at P1 Business Parking to have the very best parking at Rotterdam Airport. You only need to walk one minute to the terminal. If you are a little more price conscious, you can choose one of the other sites that are a little further away.

How much does it cost to park your car at Rotterdam Airport?

You can park your car at Rotterdam airport from €82 per week. A parking spot including transport is available from €85 per week and valet is an option from €125.

Can I also use Sleep, Park and Fly at Rotterdam Airport?

At the Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Wings-Rotterdam, you can take advantage of a Sleep, Park & Fly package starting at €180. This includes 15 days of parking.

Can you also park for free near Rotterdam Airport?

Rotterdam has several P+R lots where you can park for free. For example, P+R Beverwaard, P+R Melanchtonweg and P+R Nesselande. From here you will then travel by public transportation to the airport.

Do I need to make reservations for parking at Rotterdam Airport?

Reservations for parking at Rotterdam Airport are not necessarily required, but when you arrive at Rotterdam Airport without a reservation you will pay at least €155 for a week of parking. With reservations, this is €82 per week.

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