Cheap Parking Schiphol Airport

Cheap parking at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is certainly possible. But where can you park the cheapest? Below we outline the various parking options for one-week parking. If you park longer it will become comparatively cheaper. We also added some information about free parking near Amsterdam Schiphol.

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Schiphol parking P1 and P3

Schiphol Smart Parking is Schiphol Airport’s own parking solution. Rates vary by parking lot. P3 is the cheapest parking lot with prices starting at €63,50 for the first week. This is an outdoor parking. If you want your car covered you pay about €10 more. P1 is the most expensive with a price starting at €125,50, but it is right next to the departure hall. From P3, a shuttle bus runs to and from the airport every ten minutes, day and night.

Cheap parking Schiphol Airport

If you want to park low cost at Schiphol Airport, the best is to find a parking spot through the Vliegen en Parkeren website. Here you will find nearly all parking providers and it´s very easy to compare them and their price side by side.

Enter your desired dates, and you are automatically shown the most economical option. This way you can find a cheap parking spot at Amsterdam Schiphol from only €43 for the first week.

Example cheap parking Schiphol Airport
Cheap parking at Schiphol

Park, Sleep & Fly Schiphol

The longer you park, the more interesting it becomes to look into a Park, Sleep & Fly package. Several hotels near Schiphol Airport offer them. You sleep in the hotel, are taken back and forth to the airport and leave your car parked until you return from vacation.

The cheapest Park, Sleep & Fly packages can be found through TUI. From as little as €60 including two weeks of parking. That’s almost as cheap as parking alone! You have several hotels to choose from.

Park, Sleep & Fly Schiphol from €60

Free parking at Schiphol Airport

Due to the excellent accessibility to Schiphol, there are also opportunities for free parking near Schiphol Airport. Below are some P+R lots where you can park for free. Travel on from these parking lots by public transportation. Plan your trip at

P+R Haarlem Spaarnwoude
Parking lot at Haarlem Spaarnwoude trainstation. Close to the A9 between Amsterdam and Haarlem. There is room for about 100 cars. If it is full, you may still be able to park at the IKEA. Travelling from the parking lot to the airport will cost you between €4 and €6.

P+R Getsewoud South
Parking lot with approximately 125 parking spaces. From here it costs €3 to travel to Schiphol by bus.

P+R Amstelveen Spinnerij/Bouwerij
Parking lot at Amstelveen Spinnerij subway station. From here you can take a bus to the airport for €3.


Of course, it is also possible to park long term in the outskirts of Hoofddorp or Amstelveen and travel to Schiphol by public transportion from there. However, residents are generally not too happy about people using their neighbourhood as a free parking and could take it out on your car. The P+R parking lots are generally considered safe, but the safest option for your car is definitely searching for the cheapest parking provider.

Short term parking

If you just want to drop someone off, follow the signs “Departure Hall,” which will take you right in front of the terminal. Here you may disembark and unload luggage, but not park your car and leave. This also applies for picking up passengers, If you need to pick somebody up then follow the signs “Arrival Hall” and then Short Stop Parking P6. If you want a little more time, park at P1 or P2 of Schiphol Terminal Parking. This costs €1 per 12 minutes and is near the check-in desk. Follow the signs for “Parking Schiphol Center, P1 and P2.

Frequently asked questions about parking at Schiphol

Where is the best place to park at Schiphol Airport?

The best parking lot at Schiphol Airport is P1. This parking garage is right next to the airport and you can walk to the terminal within minutes. If you want to park a little cheaper, you can park in parking lot P3. P3 costs €63,50 and P1 is €125,50 per week. Cheaper options are available outside the airport.

How much does it cost to park your car at Schiphol Airport?

You can park your car at Schiphol itself from as little as €63,50 per week. You then park your car in P3 and take the shuttle to the airport. You can also park at P1 directly to the airport. This can be done from €125,50 per week.

You can also park through a third-party provider. Then you already have a parking space from €43 per week. Check our blog for the link.

Can you park for free nearby Schiphol Airport?

There are several P+R lots near the airport where you can park your car for free. You then continue to travel by public transportation to the Schiphol Airport. Some examples are Haarlem Spaarnwoude, Getsewoud Zuid and Amstelveen Spinnerij/Bouwerij.

Where can you park cheaply at Schiphol Airport?

Currently, Mobihub is known as the cheapest option for parking at Schiphol Airport. You can get a parking space there from as little as €6 per day. However, it varies from week to week. Check the link in our blog.

Do I need to make reservations for parking at Schiphol?

If you want to park at Schiphol Airport itself, it is definitely wise to make reservations in advance. With a reservation, you already have a parking space for €63,50. Parking without a reservation will cost you a whopping €137 for the same period.

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